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Diese Geräte haben wir zur Zeit in unserem Portfolio

At the moment we have these machines in our portfolio

Used Siemens Emotion 6 CT scanner 

Date of installation 2004. 50 Hz unit.
Software release level :Syngo VB 20 B.
Navigator console.
Wizard console.
Number of slices on gantry 3.000.000.
X-ray tube MCT 172. October 2011.
Number of slices on X-ray tube.
Options included:
3D-ext spiral-care dose-care vision.
System has OEM service contract.
System is in good shape.
Availability: now

Used GE CT scanner model Lightspeed Pro 32. 50 Hz unit 

32 Slice CT Installed  October 2005.
Hercules ( 8th xray tube from date of installation) last replacement december 2011. Now 4800 patients.
Application software.07MW18.4-SP3-1-12  V40-H-V32-GTL.
Options included:
Volumeviewer, sub 0.4 second scan, Smart step, Smart prep, Connect pro, Direct 3D, Direct MPR, AutomA, 3000Image series, Exam split, Data export, Copy Composer, Neurofilter, Auto filter and transfer, Smart Score Pro, Cardiq Snap shot, Ekg Viewer, Noise reduction filter.
Main console  with 2 monitors + ADW 4.3.
System has  OEM Service contract.
System is still in use and can be inspected.
System is available now


Used 8-slice GE CT scanner model Lightspeed Ultra

including installation by GE and 6 month guarantee

Date of installation 2006.
X-ray tube model Performix Ultra
New tube installed July 2011.Low use.
Generator 80 KW.

Workstations: advantage windows 4.1 Advantage windows 4.0
Software packages:
AW 4.1.06 ADD/SUB,Fast V,Reformat,Viewer,3DMIP,Volume Rendering,Volume Viewer.
AW 4.0.05 ADD/SUB,CT perfusion,Dentascan,Fusion,Miniviewer,Protocol manager,scrapbook,viewer.

Options included: 3D option , ConnectPro, Smart Prep, Smart Speed, ThinTwin Helical, Helical Tilt, Patient-8-slice, VariViewer, Permanent, Power 440, 3000 Image Series,Direct-3D ,SmartStep  

System has been deinstalled  2012 by GE Germany
Immediately available



(SUCHE) Sie suchen ein bestimmtes Gerät?             (BIETE) Sie wollen ein Gerät verkaufen?